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Behold, the library of the future!

No doubt you are vexed by the wondrous contraption that fills this room, whirring and clicking with maddening speed as its mill processes over one hundred calculations each second. The massive cabinets that surround you are the stores, where information is encoded, indexed, and archived for easy retrieval. There are a dozen such cabinets, each of which has the capacity of nearly ten books. More, if we exclude illustrations!

In earlier incarnations, this analytic engine received its input from meticulously punched cards and delivered results via ticker tape. However, recent innovations have done away with such ungainly methods. Now, those with a thirst for knowledge may submit their inquiry on the typographer key-board. And in mere minutes, the results of the query are rendered here, on this pinned display (patent pending). It’s science!

The ambitious theories and designs of Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace, et. al. have given rise to this astonishing instrument of scholarship. And though these engines are, by design, self-contained, there are plans afoot to eventually connect them to one another. Our visionary engineers have likened this computing inter-network to “a series of tubes” through which information can be transferred and easily shared.

You may peruse the following categories at your leisure, or utilize the searching algorithm for specific queries.

Case Files

Being an extensive dossier of written accounts regarding the Lanthorn Society’s expeditions, investigations, and other endeavors.

Dramatis Personae

Being a list of allies, foes, and persons of note.


Being a discussion of various cabals, secret societies, and esoteric orders.

Places of Mystery

Being a gazetteer of strange locales, recondite constructions, and geographical oddities.


Being a collection of scientific theories and pursuits, mad and otherwise.


Being a compendium of psychical research and occult studies.


Being a cryptozoological catalogue of monsters and wondrous beasts.


Being an accounting of important dates and noteworthy events in the Society’s history.

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